Virtual Printer (PDF Printer)

René list.account at
Sun Jan 1 01:13:39 UTC 2006

what do you use for creating PDFs?
okay, in OpenOffice it is implemented. and i can also choose to print a  
JPG to a PDF in gThumb.
but, what do i do if i want to print a PDF from Firefox?
so, today i downloaded the program 'cups-pdf 1.7.1'. Firefox tells me he  
knows a default printer and no other printer is available in the drop-down.
when going to the printer-manager i also do not see a virtual printer (PDF  
printer) available. if i add a printer there, the manager shows me the PDF  
Printer, but if i go further i should provide the name of the company and  
the model type. that's nonsens in that case, right?
oh, i also tested in the console 'ps2pdf' which does PDFs from PS  
(PostScripts) because the browser lets ,me create PS. unfortunately text  
is never there in the PDF created in such way, eventhough the pictures are  
best thanks for helping on that.

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