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Peter Yates wrote:

> As for c) I'm afraid I don't know the ideal solution, but if you go
> into preferences, click content, then advanced and untick 'Allow
> pages to choose their own fonts..', this should make all pages use
> the font (and size) you specify.  It may be a short-term solution
> (some pages may look weird) but things should be more readable.

I think, but I'm not sure, that Firefox is able to set per-site
preferences to a specific CSS style sheet. It would take some effort to
set up but with half a dozen or so style sheets I'd imagine you could
cover all the bases.

> If you don't find the solution to the problems theres nothing to stop
> you from using Galeon (2.02 is in the Ubuntu repos).  Or of course
> Konqueror, Epiphany or Opera.

I'll log another vote for my favorite browser... Opera. It will handle
a) and b) right out of the box, and a quick test tells me that at least
in saved sessions the "zoom level" of individual pages is saved. It
also allows per-site style sheets which are loaded automagically when
the site is accessed normally.

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