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Duncan Lithgow duncan at lithgow-schmidt.dk
Sun Dec 31 08:05:21 UTC 2006

On Sat, 2006-12-30 at 21:07 -0500, Jaime Davila wrote:

> I have no hard feelings, but your message doesn't do much in terms of 
> helping me find a solution.
I have no solution for you. I decided to send that reply instead of
spending time searching for a solution.

> Your message also assumes some things that 
> are not correct. Before posting my question, I spent (like I always do) 
> quite a while searching on the ubuntu forums, and the web in general, 
> for possible solutions, or at least causes for the problem. I posted my 
> question only when all of that was unfruitful. I have not even found 
> anyone else mentioning the problem. 
That's fine, (almost) exactly what I do each time. But since you didn't
mention that in your original message I had to assume it hadn't
happened. I'm sure you noticed that quite a few people use this list as
a first resort instead of trying to learn how to find solutions
themselves. So, great that you've done it, but please mention it in the
request - it informs me (in this case) that there's no point me
searching for a solution. Clearly you've gone beyond mt basic knowledge
and know how and where to look.

> I have also spent enough time trying to solve the problem on my own to 
> have discovered things like: the dvd needs to use the ac3 format to 
> encode sound if it's to play on stand-alone dvd players; the VOB files 
> created by dvdstyler as an intermediate step do have sound; the "file" 
> command reports the generated iso as using the mp2 sound format, as 
> opposed to the needed ac3; tovidgui generates a fully-working (as in 
> "with sound") iso out of the same mpeg files, even though both tovidgui 
> and dvdstyler work as front ends to the same dvdauthor.
Odd, have you filed a bug against that behaviour?


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