DWL-G630 revision E2

ben darby ben at cvrse.com
Sun Dec 31 03:33:15 UTC 2006

* Scott wrote:
> ben darby wrote:
> > * Sturla Holm Hansen wrote:
> >> Hi list, I have a DWL-G630 revision E2 that I try to get to work in
> >> Kubuntu 6.10.
> >> I have tried all I could google up, this card uses an RALINK chipset, but
> >> listed as "Ralink unknown device 0302" in lspci, I tried the rt61 and
> >> rt2500 modules, both load but none connects to the freakin' card, so I'm
> >> kinda stuck, I would like to get this to work without ndiswrapper, so any
> >> hints anyone could give me would be great!
> >>
> >> The thing I don't get is that the card shows up as wlan0, and SOMETIMES
> >> find something when I run "iwlist scanning" but not all the time, but in
> >> knetworkmanager it's listed as a wired network card.
> >> I don't know what driver it's using as it is and I don't know why
> >> knetworkmanager lists is as a wired card when it's named wlan0 and can
> >> sometimes scan for networks...
> >>
> >> Im stuck, so as I said, any suggestions....
> > 
> > I have the same card, both the pci + pcmcia models,...
> Wow!  All I did to get my DWL-G630 to work was to install theLinux 
> restricted package.  It now works 100% perfectly without any troubles in 
> Edgy, almost like it did in Dapper where it worked ot of the box 
> automatically without needing to install anything.

what are the H/W + F/W versions on your card though? these companies mix
and match chipsets throughout the same product model without mention
other than a different HW/FW version number in the fine print. I brought
this card AFTER reading the wireless wiki as i was looking for a card
that would work out of the box, but didnt pay enough attention to the
versions & got the one that didnt work!

ben darby
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