DWL-G630 revision E2

ben darby ben at cvrse.com
Sun Dec 31 00:58:40 UTC 2006

* Sturla Holm Hansen wrote:
> Hi list, I have a DWL-G630 revision E2 that I try to get to work in
> Kubuntu 6.10.
> I have tried all I could google up, this card uses an RALINK chipset, but
> listed as "Ralink unknown device 0302" in lspci, I tried the rt61 and
> rt2500 modules, both load but none connects to the freakin' card, so I'm
> kinda stuck, I would like to get this to work without ndiswrapper, so any
> hints anyone could give me would be great!
> The thing I don't get is that the card shows up as wlan0, and SOMETIMES
> find something when I run "iwlist scanning" but not all the time, but in
> knetworkmanager it's listed as a wired network card.
> I don't know what driver it's using as it is and I don't know why
> knetworkmanager lists is as a wired card when it's named wlan0 and can
> sometimes scan for networks...
> Im stuck, so as I said, any suggestions....

I have the same card, both the pci + pcmcia models, both are buried at
the bottom of my box of useless stuff, your no doubt having the same
problems i and the other subscribers to this[1] bug are having. the only
way i managed to get this card working was to compile the rt61 driver
from the ralink website[2], however the main problem i have with that
option was everytime i wanted to change to a different wireless network
i had to manually edit the firmware file and reload the kernel module,
although it was stable and useful if you were staying connected to the
same AP it didnt take long to get annoying when i started moving around.
just researching further it seems this code has been incorperated into
the rt2x00 project[3], so my advice at this point would be to follow
that route, try the beta drivers and if no luck with that try the cvs
version. good luck!

[1] -
[2] - although it no longer seems to be available from them anymore.
[3] - http://rt2x00.serialmonkey.com/

ben darby
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