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> One of the more experienced Linux people from one of the LUGs I
> attend tried to Dual Boot my system with Edgy and Windows XP as I
> think I have some speech games which won't work under Linux.
> He brought a drive with him and tried to repartition it and he also 
> installed some extra memory for me.
> He tried to get Linux to boot after it had repartitioned the drive
> only for some reason he couldn't get grub to install even though he
> was doing the correct commands to get it working it still refused to
> boot. He has had to offer to help sort it out for me in February and
> suggested I try and get hold of a blank drive which I could use.
> Why couldn't he get grub installed which was why it wouldn't boot
> into Edgy? When someone else installed Edgy on my laptop they
> installed it no problem when using the Alternative CD although that
> wasn't a Dual Boot system unlike what was supposed to have happened
> on my desktop? 

My wild guess would be some sort of hardware/firmware/BIOS boot record
protection, or maybe an insidious piece of antivirus software that
bootstraps "unused" areas of the MBR/boot record.

I'd check my advanced BIOS setup screens for the word "virus" or
"protect" first. If that doesn't turn up anything I'd look for a clean,
spare hard drive and try installing to that on your machine without
your other drive(s) hooked up. If all that works as it should I'd start
looking for ways to *completely* remove whatever bit of dross it is
that's resetting your boot sector for you after the grub virus infects
it. ;-)

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