Downloading binary (.deb) without ubuntu.

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Sat Dec 30 04:40:25 UTC 2006

On 12/30/06, Yagnesh Desai <ynd at> wrote:
> Friends;
> My ubuntu installation is not having internet connection.
> I have figured out how to bring and install a packages on it from cyber
> cufe
> with help of some recommendations from this group. But its lot of headache
> as some dependencies lead to lot of too and fro.
> Can any one tell me how do I get the list of .deb debendancies with
> the download address ( . . . . )
> I need to download these files from a cyber cufe which is not having linux
> . .
> Hope I am clear on my question.
> Yangesh

You can search for the package on
 it will list the package with
all the dependancies. That's the best way I know. I don't know if
there's another way.
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