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Thu Dec 28 14:45:02 UTC 2006

On 12/28/06, David B Teague wrote:
> OK. Questions:
> 1) If I understand correctly, Nautilus is a "Windows Explorer" for
> Linux.  Is there a document I can download or a book I can buy  that
> tells me how to do the things I do with Windows? (I do use OO.o,
> Thunderbird, and Firefox, so that part will be easy.)

It's Nautilus for GNOME which is the default desktop environment in
Ubuntu. If you have Kubuntu, default file manager as Konqueror and for
XFCe which is default for Xubuntu it's xffm, AFAICR.
For Ubuntu there's an official ubuntu book, I haven't seen it so can't say
much about it. Here's the info on it .

My system has a Radeon 9200 AGP video, ViewSonic 17 inch flat monitor,
> Sempron 2800 processor, 1 GB  333 MHz RAM, and two 80 GB drives, Verizon
> DSL with a Westel 327W modem/router and with the hardware firewall
> enabled.

Maybe you will need to install fglrx drivers for ATI card. I have only
used an Nvidia
graphics card so don't know about ATI cards so well.
And I have heard about a lot of people unable to connect to internet using
USB, so
if you are connecting via USB that's one thing to look out for.

2) Shouldn't that run Ubuntu or Kubuntu at a speed as fast as it does XP?

Ubuntu works faster than XP on my machine as much as I can rememer,
been a long time I removed XP from my machine. Xubuntu will surely be
And your machine has better specifications then mine so I can safely say
even Kubuntu will work fast enough.

3) What do I tell the Ubuntu installation about my IP number? I should
> be able to query Windows about the IP number it is using. I would guess
> I can use that. Can someone tell me how to do this? The bootable CD
> finds the internet automatically.

Yeah then you should select DHCP and you'd be online without much
hitches I guess.
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