my own repository

Martin Marcher martin.marcher at
Thu Dec 28 11:59:54 UTC 2006


I'm maintaining a few servers and was until recently happy with the  
packages provided in the standard ubuntu repositories.

However I'd like to use a few packages with custom patches applied  
for the time beiing I'm either

a) downloading deb-src installing it and hoping that the ubuntu  
repositories won't override my installation or
b) building it totally from source on the various machines.

Now my target is to have a local repository with the packages that I  
create (preferrably on a single machine) and add this repository to  
the sources.list.

What I'm hoping to achieve would be packages that won't be overriden  
(using cyrus as an example here).

We run edgy with cyrus-2.2 which is linked to the wrong version of  
berkeley db if you use a fresh install (can't tell for updates) now I  
adapted the source to link to the correct version but still the  
package name reflects that it is the original package from the ubuntu  
repositories. I'd like to have a package name that reads something  
like that: <package>-mypatchversion.deb so that it hopefully won't  
get updated by apt (using apt-get on the command line exclusively).

so any resources to create my own repository that will have the  
highest priority (or whatever the correct terms are) when updating/ 
installing so that I can be sure that the packages installed from my  
repo won't be updated by ubuntu.

Hope I'm somewhat clear on what I'd like to achieve.


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