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Dotan Cohen dotancohen at gmail.com
Wed Dec 27 17:15:26 UTC 2006

Thanks. I do in fact have the domain dotancohen.com and do use it for
email. It is not hosted on my home machine, rather on a 'real'
webserver thousands of kilometers away. I currently pull mail from
there via POP3 and send mail from there via SMTP, both in Kmail.

I'd like to still have the mail stored on my local home machine, but
I'd also like to access it via the laptop while I'm away. That leaves
me the options of:
1) Pulling the email down from the server via POP3 and leaving a copy
on the server in the laptop.
2) Syncing the laptop and the home machine when I get home- all email
downloaded to one will be transfered to the other. Also, any email
erased from one will be erased from the other.
3) Using an IMAP server that I access via both the home machine and the laptop.

Assuming that I go with the IMAP server on my home machine, I'd need:
(please correct me if I'm wrong)

1) A static IP (which I have)
2) The machine must always be turned on (which it is)
3) Fetchmail, which would pull the email from the server and store it.
Then the IMAP server (dovecot for example) would make the mail
available to both Kmail running locally, and Kmail on the laptop.
4) I'd continue sending email via SMTP on the server. That means that
sent mail will only be available on the machine that it was sent from.
5) If I continue using bogofilter in Kmail, it will only filter the
mail on that machine. Or, is there a way to have bogofilter in the
IMAP server itself? That way it will learn from when I tag ham/spam on
both machines.

Thanks. Sorry for the newbie questions. Most of what I've needed to
know I got from STFW but there are these questions that I can't answer

Dotan Cohen


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