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On 12/27/06, Steve Grace <sgrace at> wrote:
> On Tue, 2006-12-26 at 14:12 -0600, Wade Smart wrote:
> > I have noticed in the past two weeks that I have not had sound on most
> > of the Flash videos I have seen. And just now I was reviewing a site
> > that I have seen lots of times with flash and now I can not hear its
> > sound. I can hear sound on some sites, but I do not see a reason for
> > this.
> I've had this happen several times where a site that had been fine days
> before suddenly has no sound. Sometimes a cold start fixes the problem,
> but in any case the sound eventually comes back.
> I'd be grateful for the real explanation!  :-)

The  7.smth version of flash uses OSS as sound server, which is old,and
doesn't like to be accessed by more than application at the same time. The
second doesn't produce any sound. In this model, applications must release
the sound system just after they don't need it any more. The problem is most
apps grab the sound, and don't release it. Even after they are killed, they
are registered as <owning> the sound system.That's why a reboot, repares

Now, for the good news. The new, still beta, but useable, 9.smth version of
flash uses alsa, which as you now is able to mix several sounds in one.

Let's say that the new version makes sound more reliably.

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