FreeNAS SMB share can't copy folders, files ok

Jeremy Thompson jeremy.a.thompson+ubuntu at
Tue Dec 26 16:10:59 UTC 2006

Greetings all,
I'm running -

Dapper Drake
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I've got a FreeNAS server set up at home that I'm trying to copy all my
music too. I have anonymous connections set up so the SMB log shows a user
connecting as:

 Quote: ( connect to service Music initially as user
ftp (uid=21, gid=50) (pid 382
That's my computer connecting. I've ripped a CD that I would like to copy to
the share. However I get this error when I try to pull a folder over:

  Error "Not a directory" while copying "/home/jerem...r (disc 1)".
Here's where it gets weird... I can pull over individual files.. no problem.

I couldn't find anything in syslog or /log/samba that would help. Also
couldn't find anything on the forum or a quick google.

I can mount the SMB shares, but can't modify any files inside the mounts,
even if I chmod 777 the mounted directory.

I'm not really sure what to search for, the error message is too long to
really narrow it down.

THank you!

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