Trying to install a Minolta 2300W laser printer on Ubuntu

Bjoern Ottervik bjorn.ottervik at
Mon Dec 25 14:48:49 UTC 2006

I get all the way through the install wizard seemingly identiying the 
(USB)printer, but when clicking apply, it hangs there for a minute and 
then exits without adding it to the list of printers.
This is what prints out in the terminal:


** (gnome-cups-add:5046): WARNING **: Two ppds have driver == 'cdj550'
        ->foomatic:HP-DeskJet_932C-cdj550.ppd (HP DeskJet 932C 
Foomatic/cdj550[0]) and
        ->foomatic:HP-DeskJet_932C-cdj550.ppd (HP DeskJet 932C 
Selected ppd file = foomatic:Minolta-Color_PageWorks_Pro_L-foo2zjs.ppd
Selected ppd file = foomatic:Minolta-magicolor_2300W-m2300w.ppd

** (gnome-cups-add:5046): WARNING **: IPP request failed with status 1280


Happy for any help
/Björn Ottervik

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