DVD Authoring tools

Carsten Aulbert carsten at welcomes-you.com
Mon Dec 25 11:58:04 UTC 2006

Brian Fahrlander schrieb:
>     I've seen the DVD author program...reads like stereo instructions.
> Has anyone here used it? Could I somehow get it to read an existing DVD,
> and fiddle with that setup to make one of my own?

Fiddling with an existing DVD I would say: not much of a chance.

I've tried, it's extremely versatile but quite a pain to use.

After trying various tools I'm using dvdstyler which is easy to use and
offers enough things for me to create a new DVD quite fast[1] YMMV.
Hint: Don't use the one packaged in dapper/egdy and compile the version
from upstream yourself, since there are some issues and missing features
I found quite handy.



[1] Although I'm using this just to burn recorded TV shows to DVD and
create a simple navigation menu for it.

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