FAT32 partision > 32GB

Roby electricalsciences at adelphia.net
Sun Dec 24 22:19:23 UTC 2006

Ben Edwards wrote:

> Also what are the drawbacks of fat32 apart from performance.  Am I
> correct there are issues with long filenames (seem to remember
> something about this).
> Ben
My usb HD came with FAT32 format and I used it that way for almost
three years.  No probs with filenames, but I did suffer from bruises
on my forehead.  These from banging my head against the wall every
time win2k's defrag program crashed while stirring around treasured
backups.  I switched to ext3.  Bruises healed.  For rare encounters
with windows, I back up with Acronis TrueImage, which speaks ext3.

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