rsync over OpenSSH error

Brian Fahrlander brian at
Sun Dec 24 18:27:19 UTC 2006

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Garry Knight wrote:

> It's a home LAN with my laptop on a wireless link to my PC. My neighbours
> aren't tech-savvy in the slightest, and it's remote enough not to get
> hacked by drive-bys, but then that's the situation in which it's easy to
> get sloppy.

    GOOD place for ssh!

>> In the long term, SSH 
>> is going to do a lot of expansion on the data to be moved; you might
>> want to turn up the compression a good bit. (1-Adam-12: see the man.)
> At the moment there's only about 3 GB of data to sync and it was running
> happily in the background, but I'll speed it up once I get it working. (I
> didn't get the Adam reference, though.)

    Iconic American TV show from the late '70s: "Adam 12". For some
reason, every time they called this one police unit, they managed to say
"1-adam-12: see the man, see the man".  Just a geek-joke referring to
man pages.


> Anyway, thanks for your help. Have a good Christmas. :-)

    Well, I'm happy for ya! Have fun and merry Christmas!

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