Installing Ubuntu in an external HD

Thomas Kaiser ubuntu at
Sat Dec 23 12:11:52 UTC 2006

José Manuel Martínez Martínez wrote:
> Hi all,
> This is the first time I take part in this list (I've just joined it, 
> indeed). I'm a newbie in Linux so I get lost just install it.
> I have a Toshiba laptop and recently bought an external 80GB HD. I 
> downloaded a live cd of the 6.10 ubuntu distribution and I've installed 
> it already (I created a NTFS partition, a ext3 and a swarp one. I've 
> used the visual installation assistant.
> It seems to work fine BUT I've discovered that I need to have my 
> external HD plugged any time I switch on my computer since otherwise 
> GRUB says an error has happened and so on without giving me a chance to 
> choose OS. Whereas if the external HD is plugged works fine (as I said).
> What I would like to do is to start my computer and have GURB working 
> properly (or no GURB at all) when the external HD isn't plugged to the 
> laptop, but when it is it should work.
> Any idea? Please, I don't know much about linux so an explanation for 
> dummies would be really wonderful.
> Thank you very much!
> Pitragoras

Hello Jose

Just some questions on your setup to figure out what you need:
You did install Ubuntu on the external (USB) HD?
What is on your main HD?
Where did you install GRUB? MBR? on which HD?
When you boot with the external HD plugged, do you boot from this HD?

Regards, Thomas


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