Kubuntu, random background image at startup

Scott slewin at rogers.com
Thu Dec 21 16:14:13 UTC 2006

stan wrote:
> How can I acomplish this same goal in the KDE version shiped with Kubuntu
> 6.10?
The one way I know how to do this, is by right clicking anywhere on the 
dsktop.  Then go to "Configure Desktop".  Select slideshow and then 
press setup.  There you can either select folder(s) or Picture(s) that 
you want to be randomly selected.  You can also select the time that 
each background is randomly selected.

	I know this is not exacly what you aked, but it is the closest tht I 
know.  I think, if you put a very high number for the change of picture 
that you may only get one per session.

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