GUI program for converting sound files?

squareyes squareyes at
Thu Dec 21 15:51:10 UTC 2006

Brian Fahrlander wrote:
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> Lorin Pino wrote:
>> Anthony D. wrote:
>> Not sure if my previous message got through (or just no response), but
>> was wondering what programs (preferably GUI-based) others here use for
>> converting sound files to different formats? I'm interested in
>> translating FLAC files into mp3 format, and had been using
>> SoundConverter, but was wondering what other programs might be
>> available...
>     What'd you have to add, *after* the usual "Multimedia & Java"
> reccomendations, to make SoundConverter deal with MP3 files?  I'm seeing
> all kinds of leads, all of those packages (and gstreamer profiles) in
> place- no luck!
Hi all,
am also trying SoundConverter,
can convert flac to ogg-vorbis, but not to mp3.
Option is there in preferences, but is "greyed out"
Have I missed something?
Many thanks in advance,
Take Care, and have a safe and peaceful season everyone.

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