sudo and multiple machines

Martin Marcher martin.marcher at
Thu Dec 21 09:36:15 UTC 2006


quoting from the manpage of sudoers

        A Host_List is made up of one or more hostnames, IP  
addresses, network
        numbers, netgroups (prefixed with '+') and other aliases.   
Again, the
        value of an item may be negated with the '!' operator.  If  
you do not
        specify a netmask with a network number, the netmask of the  
host's eth-
        ernet interface(s) will be used when matching.  The netmask  
may be
        specified either in dotted quad notation (e.g. or CIDR
        notation (number of bits, e.g. 24).  A hostname may include  
        wildcards (see the Wildcards section below), but unless the  
        command on your machine returns the fully qualified hostname,  
        need to use the fqdn option for wildcards to be useful.


Thats all nice and fine but how would I make a generally available  
(single) sudoers file that is asked what commands a user can run?

I know how to define the syntax for it (examples in the manpage are  
quite detailed) but: If i have 2 machines both standard install how  
would i configure them to use the same sudoers file?


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