How can one say Linux is $-free . . . ?

Thu Dec 21 04:24:02 UTC 2006

This is reply to a old topic which I raised when I just started using LINUX.
This is to put to the record that I am still using Linux (feels good to have survived)
I have learnt a lot which I can use for rest of my life unlike what has happened to
my learnings in M$ most of my applications on DOS 6.2 are not at all running well
on XP and on Vista I will have to organize the funeral for those. Also I have to 
redo the coding of those in VB. (If Vb is not supported in 2009 then something new)
Above is tip of iceberg which I have seen. I am learning more and finding that
OpenSource is just how world should be.
My PI M/c 133MHz is also working on Linux while it was anyway a junk in the M$
world since last 6yrs.
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Subject: How can one say Linux is  $-free . . . ?
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I just shifted to Linux and have tried on laptop read a lot about the
meaning of Free. But just was wondering is it really $-free . . . ?
I have invested 40hrs and still counting on getting and installing Linux and 
trying to make it work. (Though it was fun but its not yet working to my full
satisfaction and I am at it). 
While above time does not includes my time participating in such discussions
and preparing pages on my experience.
Also after all this efforts I am not able to compilemany of the softwares in ubuntu I tried to compile Mplayer from its official site. . . 
Many of the downloads compilations are in .rpm package which means do I need
an RedHat based Linux too on my laptop?
I know I am putting a cat among the pigeons.
Replies awaited . . . 

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