PHP and being brain locked

Michael Satterwhite michael at
Tue Dec 19 17:04:40 UTC 2006

Brian Fahrlander wrote:
> Michael Satterwhite wrote:
>>> OK, I'll be the first to admit that I'm in a case of brain freeze. I've
>>> brought up a new ubuntu (actually kubuntu, but the configuration should
>>> be the same) box. I've installed apache and php4. When I try to view a
>>> .php page, I'm getting an error telling me that apache doesn't know what
>>> to do with php files.
>>> Would someone be so kind as to let me know what I've omitted? It won't
>>> bother me if you laugh at me as you do ... I deserve it.
>   I don't think it's all you; I managed to 'prang' my apache2 webserver
> in that way...SO MUCH that the lil'SOB was doing it with almost all the
> webserver parts removed!  (The problem was masked by Firefox's caching
> "feature").
>   See if you have libapache2-php(4 or 5) installed.  For some reason on
> mine, it got left out.

I have libapache-mod-php4, but not libapache2-mod-php4 (I don't see a
libapache-php4 or libapache2-php4. If there should be one, I need to
adjust repositories, pls let me know). Do I need to install the apache2
files even thought I'm not running apache2?

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