IPF on ubuntu

Jeremy Kister ubuntu-01 at jeremykister.com
Mon Dec 18 19:58:50 UTC 2006

I'm trying to build IPF 4.1.15 (or PF) working on Ubuntu server 6.06.

errors include:
/usr/include/linux/config.h:1:2: error: #error "Compilation aborted. 
Please read the FAQ for linux-libc-headers package."
/usr/include/linux/config.h:2:2: error: #error "(can be found at 

the Makefile: http://www.broadviewnet.net/tmp/Makefile
result of "make linux": http://www.broadviewnet.net/tmp/make_linux.txt

I've read the libc-headers FAQ, but have no clue where to go next.

Has anyone any clues to share?


Jeremy Kister

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