install of 6.10 on a desktop

J. David Boyd david at
Mon Dec 18 17:38:25 UTC 2006

I'm trying to install 6.10 on a computer.

Everything runs find off of the live CD.  The scanner scans, the web camera
works, the internet works, everything is fine.

However, when I go to install to the hard drive, after entering user info,
partitioning, etc, the screen says installing software.

When it gets to 59%, it stops.  And I do mean stops.  No drive access light,
no cd spinning, nothing.

I've tried it several times.

My question is, is there someway to find out what is going on? There is no
info displayed on the screen, other than the status bar.

How do I dig in and find out what is going wrong?

Or, is there some way to do a non-graphic install of the CD?  Would that give
me more information, possibly?

Any ideas are welcome!



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