Gmail ???

Eamonn Sullivan eamonn.sullivan at
Sun Dec 17 18:01:39 UTC 2006

On 12/17/06, Richard <cms01 at> wrote:
> Wondering if ANYONE, has gone full gmail account, and drop
> Thunderbird ...etc and just using gmail for sending and receiving emails.
> I mean 100% usage
> if So, please tell me how it is, any problems...
> and what are the major advantages, say comparing a ISP service,
> and using a client app say thunderbird compare to a web browser...

I have, for a couple of years now. The main advantage for me is that
it's completely cross-platform. I can read my email at work, on
Windows, on my dual-boot (XP/Edgy) laptop or the iMac or two Ubuntu
computers I have at home. I can start a message at work, edit a bit on
my laptop, and finish and send it on the iMac. I also use the
searching a lot and Google's browser-based instant messaging (not
GoogleTalk) is one of the few that still work through my employer's

The main disadvantage is off-line use. I can't go through my email on
the Eurostar, traveling between London and Brussels or Paris (which I
do a lot). I can use my mobile phone, but that's really only useful
for reading, not replying or composing. I don't consider the ads to be
a disadvantage because I never even notice them (sh!). Once in a while
(less often than in the past), gmail goes down and I lose access. That
happens for an hour or less every several months now. That's more
reliable than my previous ISP's email account.


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