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Sat Dec 16 22:13:29 UTC 2006

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Al Gordon wrote:

> I've been using the instructions found at the URL below[1] in order to
> set up OpenLDAP, Samba and PAM, tying everything together really
> nicely with a decent web frontend for user, group and machine account
> creation and administration.  I've built a few production systems like
> this on Debian Sarge, and tested it on Ubuntu as well.  However, just
> recently, I found that the newer version of phpldap, etc. (on Debian
> Etch) seem to not work with these instructions, so I had to pin the
> phpldap from Debian Sarge in order to get things working.  Chances
> are, the same probably applies to newer Ubuntu distros.
> I'm really interested in seeing how smbldap works out.  I may migrate to that.
> [1]

    Excellent summary; I've not noticed a problem with phpldamadmin for
handling _ldap_ problems, the only problem I seem to have with it is
that it lets me do MORE than I know how to do.  But, it also allows me
to get out of those messes, too.

    Luma is a nice, more-user-friendly way of dealing with this, but
right now it's giving me some kind of "authentication not strong enough"
messages which has me scratching my head.  I suspect I didn't set up
that ldap server with the right password-handling capabilities.

    I've not wrangled Microsoft in many years...what's the Machine entry
for?  Is there something unholy about using one's account from a
different machine?

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