No mp3 tags in Edgy?

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Fri Dec 15 23:18:18 UTC 2006

* Anthony D. wrote:
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> When either ripping CDs as mp3s or translating my flac files into mp3s
> in Edgy, I've noticed there's no mp3 tags at all being written. I've
> checked ID3v1 and v2 within programs like EasyTag, xmms, etc., and
> there's usually nothing at all written besides the name of the song.
> Tried ripping my CDs with SoundJuicer and grip, and translating the
> flacs into mp3s with soundconverter (both the version that came with
> Ubuntu and the newest version compiled from the program's website),
> but nothing comes of any of these.
> Any ideas or suggestions on what's wrong, or how to rectify this? Thanks!

the version of sound juicer in edgy writes the tags in format id3v2.4
easytag doesnt support v2.4 yet only v2.3 + v1, xmms is in the same boat.
try opening it with a modern app such as amarok or rhythmbox. as for grip
you need to set the checkbox for it to rip with a id3vX tag otherwise
it wont include them by default. 

ben darby
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