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Anthony Gardner cyclewood_ltd at
Fri Dec 15 18:03:42 UTC 2006

Personally, I'm happy with what Herve says. This isn't so much a bug as tidying up and I'm sure it isn't at he top of their (ubuntu's developers) Xmas shopping list.

I'm sure we'll get by in the meantime ;)

But thanks for the simple answers Herve. Much appreciated.

Hervé Fache <Herve at> wrote: update-manager is going to become _the_ tool for all flavours, it is
just taking a bit of time.


On 12/15/06, Bjoern Ottervik  wrote:
> I think this is pretty simple as well: the information you get about
> upgrades shouldnt be dependant on weather there is a 'K' in front of
> Ubuntu or not. Its diffrent flavours of the same distro, and requesting
> they provide the same functionality in this  isnt that far fetched.
> Ive not used Kubuntu in a long while (since Hoary) so I cant say how
> updating is handled these days, but perhaps a bugreport might be the
> thing to do. Will you submit one, Anthony?
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