new to the list

Bob Schmidt bob58523 at
Fri Dec 15 16:07:48 UTC 2006

Hi All,

I'm new to the list, and new to ubuntu. I have used linux in the past, 
but never this flavor until now, andI really do like it. But I have one 
question, I am running ver 6.10 and when I try to browse my windows 
network I get this error on every computer in the network when I try to 
access them:

"The filename "CAROLINES" indicates that this file is of type "desktop 
configuration file". The contents of the file indicate that the file is 
of type "x-directory/smb-share". If you open this file, the file might 
present a security risk to your system.

Do not open the file unless you created the file yourself, or received 
the file from a trusted source. To open the file, rename the file to the 
correct extension for "x-directory/smb-share", then open the file 
normally. Alternatively, use the Open With menu to choose a specific 
application for the file."

So what can I do to get rid of this message and access my network computers.

Thanks in advance,

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