USB Wireless and Pen-drive conflict

Carlos Barros barros001 at
Fri Dec 15 16:00:59 UTC 2006

Hi all!
I'm having a very strange problem with my usb wireless and my pendrive!
The scenario is this:

I have a USB Wireless adapter (D-Link) running with ndiswrapper driver.
When I boot, it automaticaly connect to my router and I starting
surfing the internet. Then, when I put my pendrive (sometimes the
problem happens when I pull it out), my wireless adapter
just hangs, and I get messages from ndiswrapper driver in the
dmesg output (sorry, I cannot reproduce it here @ work). I have to
remove and put again the wireless adapter to get it working
again. Probably this is caused by hotplug (or something like this)
probing for devices.
Anyone experienced it?? Any workaround this??


Carlos Barros
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