Recommended hard drive diet?

Stephen Ryan taketwoaspirin at
Fri Dec 15 15:53:30 UTC 2006

On 12/15/06, Andy <stude.list at> wrote:
> On 15/12/06, David Armour <d.f.armour at> wrote:
> > I'm reminding myself of the engineer Dilbert was testing who answered "all of
> > them!" when asked how many of the pens in his pocket protector he needed: most
> > of the files I'm using, I'm using weekly. But I like the idea of periodically
> > moving most of 'em to cd.
> I just found a mildly useful command, based on the Debian popularity-contest:
> popcon-largest-unused
> Apparently my largest unused is tetex-base, however I will actually
> start using that at some point.
> It also suggests I get rid of the kernel headers (I need them to
> compile my WiFi if I ever need to plug that back in).
> I'm not sure if anyone has suggested thus, and I don't know how to go
> about it, but is there some way of safely removing all the old
> Kernels? (I know how to erase them from grubs menu but I was thinking
> more along the lines of actually removing the image). Any docs for
> this?
> Wasn't there going to be an application for this kind of thing at some point?

I just did a fresh install last night; there's an app called "Disk
Usage Analyzer" under the Accessories menu that may be of help to see
where the actual disk usage is.  On my system, the copy of my digital
photo library is the single largest user of space, though the
individual files are at most a couple of megabytes each.  If you don't
mind expending the extra 65Mb on KDE support libraries, filelight has
nice interface to browse through your filesystem.  Considering that
filelight helped me find a couple gigabytes of stuff I didn't need,
the 65Mb was well spent for me.

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