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Carsten Aulbert carsten at
Fri Dec 15 14:49:01 UTC 2006

Anthony Gardner wrote:
> eh?!

The reason is really simple, because there is variety and not all people
are alike.

For example, I don't like the Gnome interface and therefore use KDE -
partly because I like QT over GTK (at least in terms of look and feel,
don't ask me about compile times).

I like thunderbird functionality over kmail's, and favour emacs over vi
(I use nano on the console for simple stuff).

And this list still goes on.

Do you see that there is choice, and therefore requiring everyone to use
the same is IMHO a bad thing? I agree, it would be nice to have a single
tool, which just uses the toolkit/decorations you favour and have still
the same functionailty under the hood, heck even the name could be the
same. Well, at least sometimes.



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