ubuntu 6.10 amd64 Edgy on HP nx6325 dual core AMD64 X2 laptop

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Fri Dec 15 08:24:52 UTC 2006

On 12/15/06, Adriano Varoli Piazza <moranar at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 12/15/06, primorec <geda.mail at gmail.com> wrote:
> > How can I check if both cores are utilized (enabled , used) ?
> /proc/cpuinfo is already telling you.

  yes   I see    but why I do not see 2 CPUs (cores) in the output of the
'top' command ?
  I do remember that INTEL Pentium with hyper threading is seen as 2 CPUs.

It sees two cores. It uses two
> cores. Two cores are enabled. Otherwise, you wouldn't see mention of
> them -and your computer wouldn't run, possibly, since getting it wrong
> on the type and number of processors would be quite problematic-

thanks  ...  I agree

Now, if you want software that specifically uses both cores
> efficiently, you have two options: wait for some other member of this
> list to answer (I don't have a multi-core processor, sadly), or
> compile.
> The -j option in gcc is, I presume, more or less the further you'll
> get this way, since nowadays, for "common" users there's almost no
> need of multi-core solutions (just as how, for common users, a 64-bit
> processor is overkill. I have an Athlon 64. It is overkill. 90% of the
> time it's running at half its speed thanks to the frequency governors,
> and I run Ubuntu i386).

again   ... I agree with you...   but I did not have a lot of choices...
I've won
this contest http://www.novell.com/linux/ready/. Two days ago I've received
Novell an HP nx6325 with SLED10 preinstalled.  See

  Unfortunately, SLED10 is not stable enough. It crashed in the last two
days 3 times for no apparent reason. Or, to bi a little bit more precise. It
crashed 2 times after burning CD with K3B. On top of that
'kacpid,acpid,acpi' does not work correctly. 'kacpid' is pushing CPU to run
at 100%.
'dmesg'  is telling me that the SMP is disabled.  I've decided to explore
other options, like ubuntu. I've heard a lot of very positive comments about
it. So, here I am...  learning debian based distro.
My plan is to install MS WIN XP via vmware player.  I am going to give this
laptop to my daughter. She needs MS WINDOWS in school.  So, I hope that the
vmware, with WIN XP as a guest OS, will run on on one core and the host OS
(ubuntu) will use the  second core.... therefore  I need a tool to see if
both cores are used or not.

Any help/hint/pointer to RTFM is more than welcome

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