No mp3 tags in Edgy?

Darryl Clarke smartssa at
Thu Dec 14 19:54:59 UTC 2006

On 12/14/06, Anthony D. <anthony75a at> wrote:
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> When either ripping CDs as mp3s or translating my flac files into mp3s
> in Edgy, I've noticed there's no mp3 tags at all being written. I've
> checked ID3v1 and v2 within programs like EasyTag, xmms, etc., and
> there's usually nothing at all written besides the name of the song.
> Tried ripping my CDs with SoundJuicer and grip, and translating the
> flacs into mp3s with soundconverter (both the version that came with
> Ubuntu and the newest version compiled from the program's website),
> but nothing comes of any of these.
> Any ideas or suggestions on what's wrong, or how to rectify this? Thanks!

Do you have libtag installed?

sounds like it's missing... (this is really just a guess though.)

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