How to configure Konqueror for / ?

Larry Alkoff labradley at
Thu Dec 14 14:38:15 UTC 2006

I apologize for my oversight in not explaining my findings.  It's 
especially unforgivable because I hate it when others do this.

First the thread that helped me was
konqueror not displaying all folders (edgy) in October 2006.

Konqueror _seems_ to have two distinct modes as a File Browser or Web 
Browser selected in Settings -> Load View Profile -> Kubuntu File 
Manager or Kubuntu Web.

Make sure File Manager is selected.

Use F9 to bring up a side menu with a column of icons on the left and a 
column of folders to the right of that starting with Home Folder and 
including all folders in the home directory.  I think you have to do 
something else to show hidden files that start with a dot.

The Home Folder is selected with an icon on the left side that looks 
like a little house.  However, down near the bottom of the left side 
icons is one that looks like a file folder and says Root Folder.

Selecting Root Folder changes the column of folders to those in the / 
directory in a form easy to browse with the mouse.


Jonathan Jesse wrote:
> Larry,
> Would you mind sharing the answer?
>> Never mind.  I found the answer in an Edgy Eft thread
>> and can now easily open Konqueror in File Manager mode and select the
>> root heirachy.
>> Larry
>> Larry Alkoff wrote:
>>> How I change Konqueror to _include_ the / root folder in the opening
>>> "Locate - search for local files" window which contains:
>>> Home Folder
>>> Storage Media
>>> Network Folders
>>> Trash
>>> Applications
>>> About Kubuntu
>>> Changing Settings -> Configure Konqueror -> Home URL doesn't work to
>>> allow me to browse to /.
>>> Larry

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