Edgy takes a long time to start up

Gabriel Dragffy dragffy at yandex.ru
Thu Dec 14 11:06:15 UTC 2006

On Wed, 2006-12-13 at 21:17 +0000, Gabriel Dragffy wrote:
> Goes past GRUB selection and then it just sits there for half a minutes
> with the progress bar not... progressing. Check the output on F1 and it
> doesn't get as far as mounting the logical volumes. There is no HDD
> activity of any kind. Seems a bit abnormal - is it?
> Also ALT+F8 won't show any output, what happened to this?
> Otherwise I am loving Edgy, generally seems more streamlined, and
> version 1.4.2 of Lyx in the repos is a bonus :D
I now have more information to add, the computer spends a long time
(half a minute or more) stuck on the following after turning it on:

ACPI: Getting CPU index for acpiid 0x1

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