OpenOffice 2.1 with fglrx: possible problem

Gilles Gravier Gilles at
Thu Dec 14 05:54:18 UTC 2006

Many things have issues with fglrx ... it's an fglrx prblem... Blender 
(3D modeler app) and running some 3D games like World of Warcraft inside 
Crossover Office have problems as well (those 2 are the ones I've 
experienced). I'm sure there are more...


Eberhard Roloff wrote:
> Hi,
> I just downloaded the OpenOffice 2.1 debs from The
> installation was absolutely painless on my Ubuntu 6.06 Dapper. 
> However just a bit of warning for the adventurous people that cannot wait
> until the official packages will be available.
> In my case I _was_ using the ati drivers on my machine.
> Now when I tried to start the executable(s) I was greeted with a flood
> of "fglrx: cannot connect to APIxxxx messages" (or similar), instead of a
> running swriter, scalc and so on. It simply did not work.
> For a quick fix I had to change my display driver from "fglrx" to "ati" in
> xorg.conf. That did the trick for me. I am now enjoying the new version but
> my 3D is a bit slow.;-)) I do not care since I do not need 3D, but maybe
> others will.
> I will investigate this a little further since my ATI drivers were rather
> outdated, So this is meant just to inform you....
> Kind regards
> Eberhard  

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