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On 12/14/06, alex <aradsky at> wrote:
> Brian Fahrlander wrote:
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> >alex wrote:
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> >>My son in law is a High School music teacher and he's trying to
> >>translate his band music tapes to CD.  I'm trying to convince him that
> >>UBUNTU is a good way to do it but he's a MS Windows user and is
> >>reluctant to install UBUNTU in his computer. As it is, he has some
> >>difficulty moving .wav files with MS Windows.
> >>
> >>He does let me use a UBUNTU CD on his computer after I eventually
> >>convinced him that it doesn't install on his computer and he's able to
> >>do some very basic operations.
> >>
> >>I'm trying to convince him to try doing with it with the UBUNTU CD but I
> >>have no experience with music recording so I'm not able to offer any
> >>reliable guidance.  I feel that if I could demonstrate that it can be
> >>done with the UBUNTU CD he'd be convinced that he can do it too and he'd
> >>want to install it on the hard drive so he wouldn't need to wait for the
> >>the CD to set up.
> >>
> >>Can someone tell me where I can get information about copying taped
> >>music to CD with UBUNTU or perhaps offer some information from their own
> >>personal experience?
> >>
> >>
> >
> >    Well, there's always the "line-in" port on the sound card; just plug
> >in the tape player, set the volume, and run Audacity (in the repo) to
> >capture from "Aux" or whatever they call it on the card.
> >
> >    I've used Audacity for a lot of things, but directly from tape isn't
> >one of them, though there's no reason it wouldn't work just fine.
> >
> >    Heck, it's even fun.
> >
> >
> Unfortunately, when I sent him the address for downloading 'audacity' he noticed that it was also available for MS Windows.
> So, now I have find another ploy to get him into UBUNTU
> alex

Throughout my college years, I've been persuading people to use Linux,
or have Linux on their desktops. I've befriend people who have
laptops, so it'll have Linux installed on theirs. I don't know if it's
right, but I know my guts says I can't be wrong with a strong passion,
interests, and enthusiasm about Linux. My colleagues call me Linux,
because I'm so stubborn about brainwashing their minds that Linux is
the shit!

So based on my statistics, male's are harder to convince than females,
 It's easier to convince people who are still trying to learn Windows,
or just recently purchased a computer and very happy about it, and
want to try anything out. Females have this kind of adventurous
personality, that they end up having their PC's installed with Linux.
People don't get persuaded by huge words or technically superior
kernels, but with "Hey! if you try to run a virus on it, your PC won't
be affected!".

So how the hell are you going to convince people to use Linux? Well,
it's simple, make sure to let them know that they are still wearing
polka dots.

Carpe Diem

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