Remote MySQL connect

Jens Cedlind jens at
Tue Dec 12 22:25:56 UTC 2006

marc wrote:
> What is the 'correct' way to configure MySQL for remote connections?
> The db in question is running fine and can be accessed via phpmyadmin, 
> amongst other things.
> The default my.cnf has:
>   bind-address -
> When I comment this out (and restart the db), I can connect remotely - 
> so user/password and privs are fine) but this leaves the db wide open.
> Say I want to provide remote access to Can this be done via 
> MySQL's config or must it be done via the firewall and removing bind-
> address?


My preferred way would be to create a user that can only connect from in MySQL. This can be done easily from phpmyadmin.


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