Is it crazy to buy a MacBook?

bradhamilton bradhamilton at
Mon Dec 11 23:31:55 UTC 2006

>From: Chanchao <custom at> 
>Subject: Re: Is it crazy to buy a MacBook? 
>> > Just curious - why run Ubuntu on a Mac platform, instead of OS X?
>> > Is there something you need in Ubuntu, that isn't available/can't be 
>> > compiled & run on OS X?
> Apple is not Free remember?  Keep in mind they're EVERY bit as evil in
> their business practises as Microsoft..  It's really unbelievable what
> they try to pull AND get away with, only because they're seen as the
> cute arty underdog.. But it's run from the very same mindset as
> Microsoft... (lock in, lock in, lock in, sell proprietary hardware,
> using proprietary formats, sell tunes, make money)

I'd much rather run OS X than Windows, wouldn't you?	:-)  Has nothing to 
do with "artiness", and much to do with BSD-compatibility, and 
(generally) fewer virii/worms etc.  In general, you don't need to 
compile in the extra "bits" of stuff you "need" that a "base" distro of 
Ubuntu/Debian/SuSe/RH etc. may not offer; and if you feel comfortable 
with UN*X, then adding in stuff under the X development environment in 
OS X is not difficult.

I don't have a Mac platform right now, (only an HP laptop) so that's why 
I use (and like) Ubuntu.  My next laptop will be (most likely) a Mac 
platform with OS X, unless hardware/software reliability goes downhill; 
it's all just a matter of convenience (to me).

If you buy a non-Mac platform, it's generally hard to avoid the "Windows 
tax", so what's the difference between the "Windows tax" and the "OS X tax"?

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