C programming environment

Vincent Trouilliez vincent.trouilliez at modulonet.fr
Mon Dec 11 17:47:03 UTC 2006

Dieter Schicker <dieter.schicker at uni-graz.at> wrote:
> Haven't done much C in the last years. That's why I got a question for
> the Ubuntu Hackers Community:
> Which "programming environment" do you prefer for C development?
> I would be very thankful for good hints!

>From what I have seen on this list, many swear by emacs (ie, no programming environment ;-)
And others use a GUI text editor with some plug-ins. People often refer to "Eclipse".
As for me, I just use Gedit to write the source code (it has more and more nice features that help with development), along with a terminal window with 3 tabs: one to compile, another to download the code to the target system (I play with embedded systems not PC/computers), and the last tab to handle the version control system (subversion).
Gedit has an "external tools" plugin that could help automate some of the routine operations I do in the terminals, but sadly it's buggy and never "just worked" on my machine, I think a problem with keyboard short cuts. But try it for yourself, chances are it will work just fine on your machine, seeing as I filed the bug a long time ago and nobody else appears to suffer the same problem (just my bad luck then ;-/ )

There is also the "Anjuta" IDE, that you might like to try out. 


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