How do I restart DHCP discovery from GUI ( ubuntu 6.10)

Andy stude.list at
Mon Dec 11 11:16:37 UTC 2006

On 11/12/06, primorec <geda.mail at> wrote:
>  Yes, I found this  ...    but ALL I can do there is to check/modify
> different properties (DNS, name,  DHCP/static ... etc).   I do not know how
> to STOP (deactivate) ethernet (wired) connection or/and START/RESTART
> (activate) it.   Can you, please, describe all clickable steps to achieve my
> goal

If I remember correctly (from my Edgy VM hat I have no deleted to save
space) is there not some kind of tick box next to the connection?
Unticking it 'deactivates' the connection, ticking it 'activates' it , I think.
(Of course 6.06 had those nice simple buttons).

I don't actually have Edgy installed at the moment so I can't check right now.
But I remember it was some less intuitive interface, I think involving
a tick box.

_ Andy

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