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Garry Knight garryknight at
Sun Dec 10 17:28:25 UTC 2006

Cybe R. Wizard wrote:

> ??  Here Synaptic shows:
> Package  Section  Installed Version  Latest Version  Size  Description
> Doesn't the 'Section' part show the repository?

It does, but I'd like to see all of the packages from one repository listed
together, and clicking the Section heading doesn't put them in alphabetical
order. While the Universe packages are all shown together, the Multiverse,
Non-free and Contrib packages are mixed together.

I would prefer to be able to see only the packages available from a
particular repository. Andy's suggestion allows me to do that, up to a
point. If one of the repositories adds a new section then I'd have to go
back into Synaptic and reconfigure the filter for that repository, but I
wouldn't have any easy way of knowing that section was missing.

Garry Knight
garryknight at

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