Major Bug? Edgy 'losing' swap file

Gregor Tudan G.Tudan at
Sat Dec 9 23:04:32 UTC 2006

Chanchao schrieb:
> A week or two ago I had major instability problems, lock-ups and so on.
> Turned out that Edgy somehow lost it's swap file. 
> I then reinstalled everything from scratch.
> Now I have the same thing again it seems.  I just got another lock-up,
> and upon rebooting and checking System Monitor it shows me Used Swap: '0
> bytes out of 0 bytes'. 
> I'm VERY positive that it had swap upon reinstallation, because I
> checked!
> So how does this get lost?   And more urgently, how to I tell it to go
> use the swap partition?
> Cheers,
> Chanchao
Hmm, funny, I experienced the same issue but thought it had something to
do with me messing with the partition table. I used "mkswap [/dev/hd*]"
to recreate the filesystem. Afterwards you need to mount it using
"swapon [/dev/hd*]".

I didn't have any trouble since....

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