SOLVED: evince update - post-installation script returned error...

Thilo Six T.Six at
Fri Dec 8 21:41:05 UTC 2006

Florian Diesch wrote the following on 08.12.2006 13:55:


> The error is raised somewhere in /var/lib/dpkg/info/evince.postinst
> Insert there
>  set -x
> after the first line and run
>  sudo dpkg --configure --pending
> That should tell you what's wrong.
>    Florian

Thank you for your help.

I tried your tip without success.
Then i changed it back to standard and changed the shabang to

after that i got:
dpkg --configure --pending
Setting up evince (0.5.2-0ubuntu3.2) ...
/var/lib/dpkg/info/evince.postinst: line 11:  5671 Segmentation fault
   scrollkeeper-update -q >/dev/null 2>&1

i comented line 11 and it´s relevants out and then it worked.
scrollkeeper can run with the next cron.

again thanks and bye ;)

i am on Ubuntu 2.6 KDE
- some friend of mine

gpg key: 0x4A411E09

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