ubuntu on a laptop, regular unwanted disc access

Carsten Aulbert carsten at welcomes-you.com
Fri Dec 8 19:11:23 UTC 2006

Gabriel Dragffy wrote:

> Is there something that is recommended to be altered?

That's a pretty difficult subject. I think there is a howto on
http://www.tlpd.org/, however I haven't found it just yet and it might
be slightly outdated.

If I remember correctly, the biggest problem is that the syslogd writes
ever once in a while into /var/log/syslog and other files. Putting
/var/log into a ramdisk might help, also switching swap off as well,
however, with /var/log/ not on disk anymore, you might lose the
possiblity to diagnose problems.

>From my experience, switching off hard disks does not seem to save an
awful lot of wattage, the biggest problem is probably memory (don't put
too much memory into the system), the CPU (use all the powersave you can
get) and reduce the backlight brightness as much as possible.

Sorry, for having only these too general guidelines :(


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