Shredder ?!

Knapp magick.crow at
Fri Dec 8 10:47:02 UTC 2006

Shredder ?!
No need to shred if you encrypt first!
Take a look at Erposs. I am sure you can set something like this up on
Ubuntu; maybe just on one partion if speed is a problem.

"During LinuxTag 2004 the German Federal Office for Information
Security (BSI) and the company credativ unveiled the Linux Government
Desktop. The Linux Goverment Desktop has been developed within the
scope of the project ERPOSS which evaluates Open Source Software in
government environments. Composed entirely of free software the
distribution is available as a live CD as well as an install CD. One
of the highlights brought by the Government Desktop is the fact that
it saves the whole data on encrypted filesystems. Furthermore KMail is
preconfigured to send and receive encrypted e-mail (GnuPG and S/MIME)
and to make use of all kinds of authority certificates. The package is
completed by integrated spam and virus protection and a preconfigured
personal firewall."

On top of that you can pre-encrypt before saving and then use wipe or
whatever after that. ;-)

Also if you are REALLY paranoid just use a live distro with your HD unplugged.

Also look here for IP hiding and other good stuff.

Passwords are VERY important! If it is something like "god" then my
encryption breaking software will be through your super 256 bit
encryption like a hot knife through butter but faster! LOL. If you
have 256 bit encryption then you better have a 128 bit RANDOM
password. Is your Bios password protected? How about Grub? And your
Wifi, hope it is not in the clear or using wep! Is your computer case
key-locked? And the passwords?? Are they good or is it the name of
your dog plus your kids birthday?

A bit of good advise on passwords.

For you programmers out there how long does it take your computer to
count to 100,000,000? That is how long it takes to guess your
password, if it is the last one the computer tries and your password
is 8 digits long! You say that there is a delay? So what? If I have
1000 accounts that I am cracking and I tell my computer to do it for
me then all I have to do is go on vacation come home a week later and
get your money or whatever. Do I care that the computer only broke the
first 500 easy ones? NO! But do you? YES!! Because you were smart and
had the hardest one! Also easy marks breed more thieves! Thus YOU do
care about those 500 bad passwords.

If you think that your lap top will be stolen then make it start a
boot-up script to phone home(or email or whatever). This script can
find out all sorts of stuff, if it is on the net, about where it is
connecting from. It could even make a video of the user if you have a
camera or a mike in the system. All without the user even knowing it.

Also, What of mugging? Can you fight well? LOL Do you have bars on the
windows and locks that can't be picked (I learned to pick my front
door including the deadbolt in 30 minutes. After a week I could open
it faster with my homemade pick than with my badly made key!. Do you
leave your laptop in the front seat of the car at the supermarket?

Look into the RF protection of the USA computer systems. Even the
basic ones have RF shielding sometimes.

Real total safety is real work.

Firewalls, virus protection, IP blockers I could go on but I am sure
there are better places for all this.

If you want more then I need to know what it is you are hiding from
and what you are hiding.

Work IT guy?
Some other companies IT guys that want your companies info?
NSA? (US secrete information collection and analysis agency, also
known as No Such Agency)
UFO men?

Hope my little rant helped and did not waste to much of your time or bandwidth.


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