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It's not in my habits to say this, but with this amount of money, maybe you
should contact directly and buy some of their server support?


On 12/8/06, Gary Jarrel <garyjarrel at> wrote:
> Hi All!
> I need some advice on configuring a web and a database server - quite
> powerful both running Ubuntu. The configuration which I've come up
> with for both servers is as follows:
> 2 x Xeon 3Ghz Dual Core Processors  (4 processors approx :)
> Dual Xeon Motherboard
> 4 x 2Ggb DDR2 533 ECC Memory (8Gig)
> 4 Port 3WARE Sata2 RAID controller
> That being the core then for the web server:
> 4 x 320 SATA2 Drives 16Mb Cache (Hardware RAID5 of 3Ware Controller)
> and the DB server:
> 2 x 320 SATA2 16Mb Cache Drives (Software Raid of motherboard for OS)
> 4 x 750 SATA2 16Mb Cache Drives (Hardware RAID5 of 3Ware Controller
> for Database)
> All drives are 7200RPM
> The two machines will be connected via a CAT6e Twisted Pair cable
> using one of the Gigabit LAN on each board - for web server access to
> the database. The Web server then connects to the local intranet using
> the other Gigabit LAN.
> I need to obtain very good performance out of both machines for quite
> a large user base. I would prefer to use Ubuntu 64bit (board,
> processor, 3ware raid are all 64 bit) as Ubuntu is indeed very stable
> and I already have a number of servers running on it (but not this
> powerful)
> For the web server it will probably run Tomcat (will most probably
> leave Apache 2 out with Tomcat direct on port 80 as this seems to work
> quite well in my previous experience) the database server at this
> stage will be MySQL5 but this has not been finalised.
> The main concern is with the 2 x Dual Core processors - Will ubuntu be
> able to address both processors and both cores on each concurrently
> and will it improve the performance of the system. Will MySQL be able
> to address the four processors and 8Gb of RAM. Will better performance
> be achieved using 16Gb?
> There are a few other options which are available and they include:
> 1. Xeon 3.2Ghz Processors (also dual core)?
> 2. 667Mhz Memory (2Gb Modules) instead of 533? expensive toys
> 3. Westan Digital makes 10000RPM SATA2 Drives in 74Gb and 150Gb (all
> have 8Mb cache except for one model in the 150Gb range which has 16Mb
> cache) - also expensive toys.
> Would there perhaps be a benefit of running the OS on either the Web
> Server or DB Server (or both) using the faster drives? Can't run the
> database of these drives as I will run out of storage too quick.
> Sorry for the long email, but some advice would be much appreciated
> from anyone involved in server configs, set ups or any other
> information!!!
> Thank you
> Gary
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