gnome-network-manager (applet): Nuisance? [question & rant]

Chanchao custom at
Thu Dec 7 04:10:05 UTC 2006

Is this applet really more nuisance than it's worth?   Whenever it sees
a wireless network (ANY network) that's open, it immediately connects to
it, trashing any configured DNS information for my eth0 wired LAN
connection in the process.

Is that silly or what?  Not to mention a security risk, if anyone puts a
wireless access point within 300 meters of my laptop, network-manager
will immediately connect to it, and all my traffic will go through this
unknown access point?

And more generally, while I'm ranting anyway, WHY is DNS a global thingy
anyway across all networks?  Surely DNS settings are relative to the
connection used, so if I'm using eth0 LAN at the office then I have a
DNS server there, and then I'm at home on WiFi ADSL then I have a
different DNS there.  

I can disable 'Wireless' in gnome-network-manager applet, but does it
then give me back my DNS server settings?  Noooooooooooo it DOESN'T.
Actually it doesn't even remember that it's disabled, next time I
restart my laptop it starts up again and steals my network to give it to
some oddball "linksys" access point that doesn't even work, and I don't
know who runs that thing anyway.


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