Panda3d in Ubuntu

Abraham Rolick ARolick at
Wed Dec 6 20:19:10 UTC 2006

> from the license [0]:
> > An electronic copy of the source code for major modifications that
You make
> > to the Software should be forwarded to Licensor at
> > Panda.Project at  as soon as the modifications are
> > or stable enough for Licensor's evaluation for possible future

> Many would argue this now makes the software non-free.
> If you don't have email access, or are stranded on a desert island you
> can not privately modify the software.

IMO, this is a pretty crappy license.  Is this leaving the "significant
or stable enough for Licensor's evaluation" up to the end user's
interpretation?  As you get sued, just argue "but it wasn't stable
enough!" lol

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